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Shocks and Struts for Honda Civic

Before you can determine if the shocks and struts need to be replaced on a car, it is important to understand what these parts are. Main components of the automobile suspension system, shocks and struts handle and deflect stress and strain that the automobile would otherwise experience.

How do shocks and struts work?

Shocks are generally positioned on the front of an automobile, giving the driver more control when the car is in motion. These parts minimize the bounce and pull that is experienced, especially when driving on surfaces that are not level. Struts mount directly to the chassis of the vehicle. These parts ensure that the vehicle remains straight while being driven. The specific design of these components allow for coils and springs to take the impact, giving the car the ability to move up and down or side to side without rolling or twisting the vehicle body itself.

How do heavy-duty and standard shock absorbers differ?

There are different types of shock absorbers available for a Honda. Two types of replacement parts include heavy-duty and standard styles. Standard options are the type that comes already installed on an automobile. These parts contain gas within the shock chamber, which provides the pressure necessary to minimize bounce and swaying of the automobile. Oil within the shock chamber reduces friction, giving the smooth motion that is experienced when the shock is working. Heavy-duty replacements are made with more durable materials and are designed to be used on rougher terrain when present.

What is included in a strut assembly?

An assembly consists of all necessary components of your Civic's strut unit. These parts include the bearing plate, upper and lower spring isolators, a coil spring, the boot kit, an upper spring seat, and the strut itself. The strut assembly is often fully assembled. So this unit is ready to install when it arrives.

When should strut mounts be changed?

With the amount of pressure that is placed on strut mounts, these parts can become damaged or worn. These components do help stabilize the vehicle while it is driven. For this reason, whenever you replace the struts on your automobile, you should also change the strut mounts.

How often should struts be replaced.

While it is suggested by many manufacturers that parts should be replaced after 50,000 miles, it varies from vehicle to vehicle, and also depends on the driving conditions. Due to the importance of safety associated with your car's suspension system, you should inspect these parts often after 50,000 miles. If you notice the automobile pulling to one side while driving, experience excessive bounce while the automobile is in motion, or hear unusual sounds from the wheel of the automobile, this may be signaling the time for replacement services for the struts and other suspension components.