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Ford Ranger Shocks and Struts

Ford is known all over the world for world class, durable vehicles. Whether you're taking your Ranger out for a road trip or roughing it on the back roads, you know your truck is never going to let you down. However, to keep your ranger riding smoothly, you may need to replace the shocks and struts over time.

How do suspension systems work in trucks?

Suspension systems, torsion bars, or T-bars, on a Ford Ranger are designed to absorb the force exerted on the car as the result of difficult terrain, litter in the road, or even normal driving conditions. The Ford Ranger is precisely balanced to allow for maximum handling without sacrificing the comfort of the driving experience.

If a Ford Ranger's suspension is too low, then the driving experience will be uncomfortable and the bottom of the vehicle will be vulnerable to rocks and debris. However, if the torsion bars are too high, then the driving experience will be comfortable but the vehicle may become difficult to control in certain conditions such as the wind. This is why is important to have a suspension system designed for your particular truck.

What kind of pieces are included in Ford Ranger's suspension?

A lot of different, important parts are required to control a Ford Ranger's driving experience. One of the main pieces are the shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are thick metal springs designed to absorb the force from the Ford Ranger driving down the road. Shock absorbers also help to create a much more comfortable ride by helping to control for the unevenness of a truck's brakes. Struts are another important part. The struts are the inner frame which connects the shocks to the chassis of the car. They are also flexible, but strong. This is because they are designed to help the shocks absorb the force created by driving.

When should the shock absorbers on a Ranger be replaced?

Because of the important part shock absorbers play in the comfort of your driving experience, it is important to regularly check your shock absorbers regularly to see if they need replaced. Of course, because the shock absorbers have such an obvious effect on your comfort, it is easy to tell if there is a serious problem with your shocks. Because the Ranger is famous for its comfortable ride, an uncomfortable and bumpy ride may indicate that you need to replace your shocks and struts.