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How to Buy Ford Expedition Shocks and Struts

You drive over a pothole in the road that normally doesn't bother you, but this time, you feel your car almost bottom out; it must be time to replace the shocks. These important vehicle components essentially work as a shock absorber, so when your Ford Expedition goes over a bump, you don't have to brace yourself for impact. Replacing these parts when they wear down is crucial to keeping your Ford running comfortably. 

What Are Shocks and Struts?

Since these parts work together to create your car's suspension system, people sometimes tend to get them confused; however, each part has its own job, and they work together to provide a seamless car ride. 

  • Shocks keep your Ford Expedition from bouncing up and down each time you go over a bump or an uneven portion of road. They also adjust to specific road conditions, minimizing bounce, roll, and sway, while allowing your car to accelerate and brake properly.
  • Struts work to provide a support system for the car's suspension, supporting springs and tires. This component ensures smooth handling, even tire alignment, and control of braking and steering. In essence, the strut is the complete assembly, while shocks are just one component.
  • You'll know that your car requires replacement shocks and/or struts if your car starts rolling during turns, your car bounces as you go over rough terrain, or you feel the bottom of your Ford make a thumping noise going over bumps. If you don't replace shocks and struts on time, your tires could wear out faster. 

Which Brands Make Shocks and Struts?

When it's time to replace the components of your suspension system, there are many brands of parts beyond OEM versions to select from that fit your Ford Expedition.

  • Arnott offers a variety of parts for your car's suspension, including air spring conversion kits, compressors, and springs. 
  • Check Bilstein for shocks and shock absorbers for your truck. Bilstein offers individual versions and pairs of shocks, or you can purchase a front or rear shock set that comes with additional hardware for installation.
  • Sensen provides front and rear shocks for vehicles individually or in full sets, allowing you to find shocks, struts, or a complete strut assembly for your Ford Expedition from this brand. 

What Comes in a Suspension Kit?

Instead of purchasing vehicle components separately, you can buy a replacement suspension kit to get everything you need at once, which can save you both time and money. There are a few specific parts you'll see when you purchase a kit for your Expedition's suspension system.

  • A Ford Expedition kit comes with two front shocks.
  • You'll also find two coil springs in a suspension kit.
  • A complete kit has two shocks for your rear as well, and some kits come with isolators to complete the installation process.

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