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Shocks and Struts for Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is designed to handle rough driving and hauling conditions. Understanding what the suspension system can handle goes a long way to ensure the vehicle is safe and comfortable when traveling on the roadways. This information also gives you the ability to make the most informed decisions when selecting replacement parts such as shocks and struts that meet your highest level of expectations.

Where are the shocks and struts on a Colorado?

The shocks of a Chevrolet Colorado are located on the rear wheels of the automobile. These parts provide a more comfortable ride by absorbing the shock from bumps and potholes in the road. The struts of the Chevrolet Colorado are located at the front wheels of the vehicle and connect directly to the chassis. These parts of the suspension system allow the vehicle to drive in a straight pattern when in motion. The struts also keep the vehicle at a consistent height.

What is a strut and shock boot?

Strut and shock boots are durable rubberized accessories that fit over the suspension assemblies of a vehicle. The purpose of these components is to provide protection against mud, dirt, debris, and water, which can cause damage or prevent the components from providing the operation they were intended to do.

What is a monotube shock for the Chevrolet Colorado?

A monotube shock is a suspension dampening control device that has a single cylinder design divided into two sections. These sections include the fluid area and the gas chamber. The piston and shaft of the shock are located within the fluid area. The overall diameter of a monotube shock is larger than that of a twin tube shock. A floating piston and seal keep the high-pressurized gas chamber separate from the fluid area. Considered to have higher performance capabilities, many automobile manufacturers use these single tube shocks as original equipment in the cars and trucks they produce.

When should the strut mounts be changed on a Colorado?

The strut mounts are important components for holding the strut assemblies securely within a vehicle's suspension system. These mounts are under a lot of stress due to the high pressure of a compressed strut. It is suggested that whenever the struts of an automobile are changed, the strut mounts should be changed as well.

What is a spring coil over for the Colorado?

A spring coil over is a shortened way of saying a spring coiled over a shock for the vehicle. These spring assemblies provide additional dampening for the shock that a vehicle encounters when traveling over uneven surfaces of the road. Spring coil overs are also available for strut assemblies of a Colorado model truck.