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Shocks & Struts for Buick Regal

Though the open road is a great place for your Buick Regal to be, being on the open road with worn out shocks and struts is certainly not the best way to enjoy it. Shocks and struts provide the smooth ride you expect from your Regal, delivering you to your destination with less fatigue for both driver and vehicle. That's why having good shocks and struts is crucial to the overall enjoyment of your Buick Regal.

What shocks and struts are available for a Buick Regal?

Your Regal's shocks and struts are a component that, while durable and long-lasting, do need to be replaced regularly. Because of this, there is a healthy market for original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket shocks and struts. Of course, as shocks and struts are not interchangeable, it is important to understand what your Buick Regal needs to have replaced, and then select parts that are specifically designed for that model year.Due to differences in ground clearance and body design, the shocks or struts for different Regal generations are not interchangeable. When it comes to aftermarket shocks and struts, there are numerous varieties of coil lengths, gas pressures, and a whole host of other features designed to give you the most comfortable ride. Understanding which features make the most difference for your particular Buick Regal is crucial as you select the best replacement parts.

How do you replace a strut on a Buick Regal?

Replacing your struts can instantly improve the ride quality of your Buick Regal. If you have the right tools, removing and replacing your Regal's struts is a fairly straightforward process.

  1. Remove the strut housing cover by removing the bolts holding it in place, then remove the strut assembly top plate using a specialized tool to remove the Torx screw holding it in place.
  2. Remove the assembly gasket by prying it out of the housing using a screwdriver, then slide out the damper assembly. Use a specialized strut removal tool and a ratchet to unscrew the strut from the housing.
  3. Install the new strut by sliding it into the assembly housing, then sliding the bushing and the strut nut over the strut assembly.
  4. Use the specialized strut installation tool and a ratchet to tighten down the strut nut until it's quite tight, then re-install the damper assembly and strut assembly gasket.
  5. Re-install the assembly top plate by re-installing the Torx screw and bolt holding it in place, then re-install the strut housing cover by tightening the bolts holding it in place. Drive your Regal to test for proper operation.