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Buick Lucerne Shocks and Struts

No matter how smooth the road is, you will still need shock absorbers and struts to keep your car from bouncing. Too much bouncing around is not only hard on you and your passengers, but it is also hard on your car. Here are some things to consider when choosing shocks and struts for your Buick Lucerne.

What are shocks and struts?

Shocks, or shock absorbers, do exactly what their name says. They absorb most of the shocks that come from driving. They are found near each wheel in your Buick Lucerne. Struts are part of your car’s suspension system, which is attached to the chassis. They support the car and keep the passenger compartment stable during the drive, especially drives down bumpy roads.

When should shocks and struts be changed?

Shocks and struts should be changed when they start to fail. Here are some signs that the shocks and struts on your Buick Lucerne need to be replaced:

  • Oil leaks from the shock absorbers or the struts. You might need to go under the vehicle car to see this.
  • The shock absorbers are corroded, dinged or dented.
  • You notice damaged or rusted bushings.
  • Your Buick Lucerne sways when you make turns.
  • There is uneven wear on the tires.
  • The steering wheel does not respond well or makes noise.

Other ways to test include:

  • Sit or lean on a bumper and then take your weight away suddenly. The Buick Lucerne should return to its original position slowly. If it continues to bob up and down, new shock absorbers are needed.
  • Get into the vehicle, drive it for a while, and then stop short. If the car dips up and down, you may need to replace the shock absorbers.

Do not hesitate to get replacement shock absorbers. Bad ones can wear out your tires and in the worst case can make you lose control of your Buick Lucerne when it goes over a bump at a high speed.

How long do shocks and struts last?

Shocks and struts can usually last about 50,000 miles before they start to show their age. The life of the shocks and struts on your Buick Lucerne, however, may differ depending on how and where you drive your car.

Can you change your shocks and struts yourself?

You can change the shocks yourself even though it may require you to either get under your car or hoist it up. A good way to change the shocks is to find a mechanic who is willing to let you put your car up on a hydraulic jack. Other than this, shocks are easy to replace. Because struts are actually a part of the vehicle's suspension system, it may require a professional to install this part.