Shipping and Moving Boxes

When you need to ship, move, or store items, you want a box that is sturdy enough to keep those items safe and secure. In some cases, each box must be able to withstand being shipped and then being put into storage for periods of time, especially if you are moving long distances. Boxes designed for these purposes are usually made from corrugated or double-wall corrugated cardboard, making them rigid and strong.

What types of shipping and moving boxes are there?

There are four main types of boxes available to those who are moving or who need to ship items of various sizes:

  • Standard box: Regular packing and shipping boxes come in a variety of sizes to fit numerous needs. However, these boxes should weigh no more than 50 pounds.
  • Wardrobe box: The packing boxes usually have a bar inside that you can hang clothes on. This way, you can keep your clothing neat and simply put them on a hanger when you have completed your move.
  • Dish pack box: These boxes have divider cells inside to pack and store dishes and glasses. Keeping glass or porcelain items separate keeps them safe and less likely to break when shipping or moving.
  • Picture box: These thin boxes are specifically designed to pack and move or ship framed objects, like mirrors and pictures.
How are shipping and moving boxes assembled?

Although putting together a box is easy, some have unique features that are useful for when you are placing items in the box. To properly assemble your box, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Fold the flaps down, and then open the box up.
  • Step 2: Tape the bottom tabs shut with your shipping tape.
  • Step 3: Turn the box right-side up. Fill it up with your items, making sure to provide the proper cushioning.
  • Step 4: Pull the top flaps up and seal them shut to prevent them from opening during shipping.
How can the boxes be cushioned?

Packing peanuts, popcorn, newspaper, and bubble wrap work well to keep your fragile items safe and sound. You can also use foam pouches that enclose the fragile item if needed.

How can moving and shipping boxes be sealed?

When moving, shipping, or storing boxes, you will need to properly seal them to prevent them from opening. Shipping tape is usually clear and has a strong adhesive to prevent the box flaps from opening.