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Chevrolet Impala Shift Knobs and Boots

Every trip in your Chevrolet Impala, no matter how short or long, begins with a simple shift into "Drive." As a proud Chevrolet Impala owner, even this quick act can be something special. To give that moment a little more excitement, you can customize your Chevrolet Impala's gearshift with a custom knob or boot.

What types of shift knobs are available for an Impala?

A Chevrolet knob is easily customizable due to its easy access and universal connectors. There are plenty of knobs tochoose from for your Chevrolet Impala, including:

  • Standard: This type provides all the quality functionality you'd expect from the trusted Chevrolet Impala marquis.
  • Wooden: Add a touch of timeless style to your Impala by incorporating wood elements in the form a wooden knob.
  • Carbon Fiber: Add a rugged and industrial look to your vehicle's gearshift with a carbon fiber knob.
  • Skull: If you have a standard transmission, you can add a one-of-a-kind skull knob in the color of your choice.
  • Blacked-out: Also for standard transmission vehicles, you can get a knob that's black with red lettering, providing an instant sporty upgrade to your vehicle.
What types of shift boots are available for an Impala?

Classic black leather looks abound and are available from a number of OEM and aftermarket Chevrolet parts manufacturers. If you do need to replace your Chevrolet's boot, this is a general outline of how you do it.

  1. Remove the knob and nut holding down the boot.
  2. Pop the boot frame out of the holder, then remove the boot from the frame.
  3. Install the new Chevrolet boot on the old boot frame, using the means recommended by the boot manufacturer.
  4. Pop the boot frame back into place.
  5. Finally, replace the boot nut, the knob, and then test for proper operation.
Who manufactures shift knobs for an Impala?

Chevrolet knobs are available from a variety of manufacturers. There are always original equipment manufacturer models if all you need to do is restore the original functionality of a broken knob on your Chevy. Of course, as mentioned, knobs are also manufactured by numerous aftermarket companies who provide a variety of different styles. While knob fit should be fairly universal, do check for compatibility with your specific Chevrolet model year.

How do you install a new Impala shift knob?

Replacing your knob is a simple project you can complete on your Impala, and it doesn't require any tools. For a manual Chevrolet model, you only have to unscrew the old knob and put the new one on. The following is the procedure for a Chevrolet automatic transaxle knob.

  1. Slide down the trim piece attached to the knob.
  2. Loosen the set screw holding the knob in place.
  3. Pull up on and remove the knob and attached trim piece.
  4. Position the new knob on the gearshift lever and replace the set screw.
  5. Finally, snap the trim piece into place, and test for proper operation.