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BMW Z3 Shift Knobs and Boots

Swapping the shifter knob on your BMW Z3 is a quick fix that can drastically improve your driving experience. Over time, original BMW shift knobs can show signs of wear. You might want a cleaner, fresher look from your shifter, or you might prefer a shorter, heftier feel; but whatever your reason for updating your BMW shift knob, you'll love the results.

What materials are used to make BMW Z3 shift knobs?

BMW Z3 shift knobs and boots come in a variety of styles. They vary in terms of height, weight, design, and material. When considering different materials for shift knobs, consider ergonomics, as well as aesthetics. Shift knobs should feel as excellent as they look. You'll have the option to choose from numerous materials, including genuine leather, alcantara, chrome, rubber, stainless steel, and enamel. When shopping for BMW shift knobs, consider how each material will likely perform in your particular climate. Some materials are more resistant to heat and are therefore more suitable for hotter environments. Cold-resistant materials, on the other hand, might be a better choice for colder climates.

How do you install manual BMW Z3 shift knobs?

Use the following five-step process to replace worn shift knobs on manual-transmission BMWs:

  • Step 1: Sit in the front seat of your car. Sit in whichever car seat will offer you the most leverage while handling your shifter. Right-handed drivers tend to favor working from the driver's seat. Left-handed drivers might prefer the passenger's seat.
  • Step 2: While seated in the front seat of your BMW, move your shifting lever into second gear. Moving into second gear places the transmission lever closer to your body, which is the optimal position for easy removal of old BMW shift knobs.
  • Step 3: Place both hands on top of the vehicle's shifter lever, gripping firmly.
  • Step 4: Pull hard upward to release the old BMW Z3 knob from the shift lever. If the current knob is the original BMW car part, you can expect some resistance. You might need to use significant force to loosen and remove the top. When removing BMW shift knobs, take care not to swing them upward toward your face.
  • Step 5: Place the new BMW shift knob on the lever. Center it, and then use your fist to knock the new part into position. Shift knobs click neatly and firmly into place when installed correctly in your vehicle.
What are different types of boots for a BMW Z3?

You'll find an assortment of shift boots available for your BMW Z3. Available options include genuine leather, imitation leather, and alcantara, a polyester/polyurethane blend. Black is standard and looks great in most BMW Z3 vehicles, but other rich colors, including beige and gray, are also great options. Contrasting red or white stitching is an optional feature with some black boots.