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Ford Expedition Bug Shields

Boasting enviable engine power, towing, cargo, and passenger capabilities, your Ford Expedition is one automatic SUV that stands up to the most demanding of tasks. At the turn of the ignition, your Expedition is ready to handle all types of terrain in all kinds of conditions, encountering bugs, rocks, and flying debris. No matter how hard you drive or how far you travel, a Ford Expedition bug shield will help protect the hood and windshield of your Ford vehicle, whether you drive a standard, King Ranch, or Platinum trim edition.

How does a Ford Expedition bug shield work?

It's not just the engine you have to take care of. Airborne debris of all shapes and sizes can wreak havoc on your Expedition's front end, as you don't have automatic protection in that area. Through the use of a fundamental principle of aerodynamics, a Ford bug deflector eradicates the problem. When the deflector is in place across the hood of an SUV, insects and small flying objects are caught in an upstream of air and swept over the vehicle.

How will a Ford bug shield affect a vehicle's appearance?

Your Ford vehicle's bug shield has been designed with both utility and appearance in mind. The deflectors are available in two profiles: a high-rising design that provides maximum protection and a more compact version that sits low and sleek across the hood. Regardless of your choice, either profile will enhance the classic good looks of Expeditions of every model year.

How easy is it to maintain a Ford bug shield?

Typically coated with a finish that is designed to repel UV rays and stains, a Ford model bug shield requires only basic maintenance to keep it shiny and looking like new. Simply hose away any road grime or bug innards that have found their way onto the deflector using water and a mild detergent or car soap.

How do you select a Ford Expedition bug shield?

Just like choosing a standard trim (such as King Ranch or Platinum), you have to choose the right shield to suit your needs. Knowing what bug shield to choose can be a difficult matter when so many are available options. A few simple buying tips may make the selection process easier:

  • Select a material: Aerospace-grade acrylic resists wear and tear is a common choice. Stainless steel is another durable option.
  • Select a color and style: Aesthetics are important, so choose a deflector that complements your car. Thrill-seekers may find that a high-profile bug shield provides greater protection in back- or off-road applications.
  • Check for compatibility: Review the product specifications to ensure that your selection will fit your Expedition's model year. With proper fit, many deflectors can be easily installed by the average person in less than an hour.