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Women's Shearling Coats and Jackets

If you are looking for a coat that will keep you warm in cold temperatures, consider a shearling. You will never have to choose between fashion and function with this type of coat. There is an available assortment of styles, lengths, and colors from which to choose.

What is shearling?

Shearling is fashioned from treated sheep hide with the wool or fleece still attached. The term shearling is used to describe the procedure of shearing the fibers to create coats, jackets, and other clothing. The result is uniform strands that boast the look and feel of fur. Manufacturers use this luxurious material to produce women's coats, jackets, linings, trims, and collars.

  • Women Shearling Coats: You will find shearling coats in a variety of lengths from above the knee to ankle length. Coat styles differ from classic button-ups with real and faux fur collars and trim, to leather shells with shearling hoods and lining.
  • Women Shearling Jackets: Like the coats, these jackets are available in a variety of colors including, black, chestnut, and brown. Some women’s garments feature black leather with genuine fur or soft and fuzzy faux fur collars.
What is the difference between real and faux shearling?

To the naked eye, there is no notable difference between real and faux shearling coats. Even savvy fashionistas have difficulty telling faux shearling from the real thing. Both genuine and faux shearling coats are warm, comfy, and fashionable. Also, some women’s coats have a combination of a genuine shearling shell, real or faux fur, and a polyester lining. Here is how to spot the difference.

  • Check the Coat’s Materials: Both genuine and faux shearling coats have an even texture. Faux shearling coats are made from polyester and other materials. As mentioned earlier, real shearling coats are constructed with sheepskin pelts with wool fibers attached. However, other parts of the clothing may contain real or fake fur collars and/or trim.
  • Examine the Backing on the Coat: Most faux shearling coats for women are made with acrylic or polyester fibers with a synthetic base, while genuine shearling has sheep hide attached to its fibers.
  • Locate Brand Names on Women’s Coats: Some manufacturers specialize in making genuine shearling coats and jackets for women. Other brands prefer to create garments made of faux fur. For example, Coach’s 1941 shearling Moto coat features black biker leather and soft shearling. Uggs also uses authentic shearling to make coats and jackets for women. Theory and Express prefer to make faux shearling coats for women.
How do you care for a shearling coat?

Women’s shearling coats are highly durable and will last for years with proper care. Instructions differ for faux and real shearling. Read the instructions on the label to care for faux shearling coats. Here are tips for caring for real shearling coats and jackets.

  • Store a shearling coat or jacket in a cloth garment bag and place it inside a cardboard box.
  • Take your coat to the dry cleaners once a year.
  • Use a soft-bristle brush to remove spots from a coat made of shearling.