Step Up Your TV Programming Game With Shaw Direct Equipment

Whether you enjoy binge-watching your favorite TV show or catching up on the most recent news, program equipment allows you to watch a variety of channels from the comfort of your couch. Shaw Direct offers the convenience of full-featured, MPEG-4 television within with the click of a button. On eBay, there is a plethora of Shaw Direct equipment, which is why it is essential that you know the features so that you can select the one that is right for you.

What types of Shaw Direct equipment are there?

There are two types of Shaw Direct equipment: receivers and satellites. A satellite dish is an outdoor device that receives television data and transmits it to a receiver. By connecting a receiver to your television, you can watch both local news as well as public channels. While you only need one satellite dish per household, each TV must have its own receiver. Keep in mind that you can purchase receiver boxes with different features for each television.

What are some features of Shaw Direct receivers?
  • Simple navigation: Shaw Direct receivers make it easy to search for your programs as you can search by time, channel, and show. You can even sort through programs by type so that you can look for reality shows, comedies, and even mysteries without knowing the TV show's name.
  • Enhanced parental controls: The updated parental controls allow you to lock programs by rating. By creating a parental control password, you can prevent any minors in the household from screening inappropriate content.
  • Downloads: Shaw Direct receiver boxes are designed to download future improvements and upgrades through the satellite dish automatically. This feature eliminates the need to remember when to update your receiver.
  • Picture-in-guide: Shaw Direct equipment displays program and channel listings along the bottom of your TV screen so that you can watch the program while browsing the guide.
  • Multiple outputs: Receivers by Shaw Direct include multiple outputs and picture formats, which allow you to connect gaming devices and laptops. With multiple formats, you can alter the image size to fit your television screen.
What type of input do Shaw receivers require?

The Shaw Direct HDDSR800 receiver requires you to connect either a single coax from the satellite dish or an appropriate switch whereas the Shaw Direct HDPVR830 receiver requires you to connect two coax cables or a suitable switch.

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