Do Hand-Crank Sewing Machines Still Work?

Yes, it's possible for vintage hand-crank sewing machines to still be in fine working condition. These older machines have relatively simple mechanisms and are made from sturdy, long-lasting metal and wood. They were built to be fixed and continue working, and many of them still do even decades after their original manufacture.

What Are Vegetable Ivory Buttons Actually Made of?

Vegetable ivory is a hard, natural material made from the seeds of several types of palm trees. Also known as tagua nut and Corozo, it's named for its resemblance to elephant ivory, although it is 100 percent plant-based. The seeds of certain palm trees native to South America, Micronesia, and Africa are common sources of the material.

What Makes Thimbles a Popular Collector's Item?

These tiny, simple tools have been in existence for so long and have been used by so many people from all walks of life and all levels of society that the sheer variety of thimbles makes for an exciting journey of a collection. From precious metals to plastic advertisements, intricate detail to primitive functionality, the collector's universe of thimbles is vast and varied.