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Selmer Baritone/Bass Saxophones

Smooth Things Out With a Selmer Baritone Saxophone

The science behind a good saxophone is volume and tone. A better look at the Selmer baritone puts a sure grip into your hands and an adjusted rib to sequence music through. A polished Selmer baritone saxophone from eBay minimizes the pieces to speed up your hands and to keep the weight in control.

What volume settings does the Selmer Baritone have?

The sax is molded with a deep bend at the base of the horn to maximize volume. Then, you only need air to pass through. This is a welcoming prospect because the Selmer baritone uses a calibrated reed to guide its airflow into a sealed passage. The passage is sealed to stop air leaks. Expect special caps to keep your hand positions from unexpectedly releasing volume.

Sensations and sounds from the horn

The steady tone of a new Selmer baritone saxophone is possible because the sax keeps a closed seal as air passes through. Some factors that peak sound and quality include:

  • Solid brass body: The use of brass offers you an easy-to-clean surface that is also unlikely to rust. The metal is attractive when polished and is a surface durable against common drops and falls.
  • Treated seal: The outer layer is treated for superficial scratches, to combat rust, and to give you an instrument beautiful to play.
  • Mounted rib: The rib of the sax is secured with notches that give you a structure to hold keys in place and to keep the intonation.
  • Multi-piece: Being able to break down this sax allows you to clean it and to store it in less space when it is put away.
  • Cleaning cloths: Cloths are provided to make the work seamless and to keep your metal polished from oils, humidity, or particles that deteriorate the surface.
Ready out of the box

Selmer packaged this sax as a full assembly with parts now ready to use and to connect. Some of the things involved include:

  • Volume tested: A proven science backs the flow of air throughout an affordable Selmer baritone saxophone and ensures that you reach the volume you need.
  • Set tuned: The alignment of keys and adjusted seals are made as you press down for a secure feel in ideal positions.
  • Set bell and bow: The bend in the sax is important to getting air flowing out of the horn.
  • Reed mounted: Taking off and putting on the reed is a simple step with the clamps already installed.
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