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Selmer Alto Saxophones

Make Music With Selmer Alto Saxophones

Selmer is a subsidiary that produces a wide range of alto saxophones for personal, student, and professional use. You will find several Selmer alto saxophones for sale in a variety of styles on eBay. Understanding the kinds of options and features you can choose for Selmer saxes will help you find the musical instrument that suits your personal style.

Key finish options for Selmer alto saxophones

You may wish to purchase a Selmer alto saxophone based on the type or style of finish its keys have. Note that in some cases, the key finish for many Selmer alto saxophone models can depend on the skill level they represent. A Selmer alto saxophone for professional use may have different finish options than an intermediate instrument. Some of the most common key finishes you will discover during your saxophone search include the following:

  • Plating - Keys that have special plating will often use silver in their construction.
  • Lacquer - The lacquer on many starter alto saxophones from Selmer is clear, but you can also find keys with gold lacquer as well.
  • Brass - You can find Selmer alto saxophones with either traditional brass or yellow brass keys.
Selmer alto saxophone parts

Although many models are offered as complete saxophones, you can also purchase individual parts that are compatible with Selmer instruments. Buying individual parts gives you the option to try different models that can subtly change the sound of your Selmer saxophone and give you the unique look or style that you prefer. Note that many used parts include serial numbers that you can use to determine compatibility. Some pieces are designed to work with specific models from the companys line of instruments. Youll find necks, mouthpieces, and more on eBay.

Purchasing a used Selmer alto saxophone

eBay can offer you a broad selection of both new and used Selmer saxophones. If you are just getting into playing the alto saxophone, you may wish to purchase a used instrument as a starter piece and advance from there. Pre-owned instruments can be affordable options for beginning players in many cases. There are a couple of different ways you can find the pre-owned alto saxophone you want:

  • Used - This is the standard used option. It has been played before and may feature some cosmetic differences from new models.
  • Refurbished - A refurbished Selmer alto saxophone may have been played before, but it underwent restoration to appear and sound like new. In some cases, these items were stored in a case.
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