Find Out More About the Seiko SARB035 Watch

When you start your search for a reliable and affordable watch, consider the Seiko SARB035 as it continues to sell on the market due to its caliber movement that steadies time with every second it ticks. You can add flare to this performance with a steel or leather strap. Find this watch in a new or used condition at affordable prices on eBay.

What is the advantage of buying a used SARB035 watch?

Though affordable Seiko SARB035 watches are all reliable, you can find a used model at a bargain price. The internal movement of the watch allows you to set time without always adjusting it. Its variance is only 2.5 seconds, and this means that you can rely on the timepiece at any price-point.

All with these features and ready to go

The used or new Seiko SARB035 watch has the following features:

  • The Caliber 6R15C: The automatic performance of this movement offers 50 hours of reserve power to keep the watch going. The caliber holds a rear-weight that spins to keep your gears wound but without batteries.
  • Sapphire glass: The slight dome of the watchs surface gives you something to keep things glare-proof. The durability of sapphire crystal reduces the potential for scratches.
  • Light 134-grams: No space was wasted in making this watch. It is light, compact, and easy to wear on your wrist.
  • 23 jewels: Reliability is increased as the work of 23 jewels is efficiently set to ensure that nothing is pushed or pulled any more than necessary.
  • 38mm casing: The diameter of the watchs face is just below a medium size for a compact timepiece.
What options come with this watch?

The steady Seiko SARB035 watch is available in these options:

  • Completely new: The popularity of this watch means some sellers are keeping them boxed and unused. You can find a brand-new SARB at a great price on eBay.
  • Leather or steel: Brushed steel is used for the finish of the watchs metal bracelet. Clean, brown leather is another option to consider.
  • Skeletal rear: Flipping the watch over reveals the internal movement. This not only offers style but you also get to see how the watch ticks.
  • Mild-cream dial: The standard dial-face for the watch is a classy cream that seems white from certain angles and captures light like pearl.
  • Links and pieces: Links can be added to extend your bands width at any time.
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