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Sega Master System Consoles

The Master System was a video game console released by Sega in the 1980s. Originally called the Sega Mark III for its release in Japan, its name changed before it reached the United States. More than 10 million copies sold around the world since its release and some are still available today.

How do you hook up a Master System from Sega?

Those who grew up playing on later consoles may not understand how to connect a Master System from Sega to a television. You will need to plug one cable into the back of the system and then connect the audio and video lines to the proper inputs on your television. Sega color-coded the cords to make this step easier. You will then need to insert the power cord into the back of the system and plug it into the wall. Though the system comes with two controllers, each controller needs to be plugged into slots on the front, too. You may need to change channels and sources on your television for the Master System to work.

What games came with the console?

When Sega released the Master System in the United States, it came with a cartridge that featured multiple titles. You simply slid it into the slot on the top and waited for the arcade game to load. That cartridge included "Safari Hunt," which let you hunt for wild animals. You used a light gun that you aimed at the television screen and pulled it to shoot. Another included title was "Hang-On." Sega designed this game for racing enthusiasts. You actually raced on a motorcycle against computer-controlled vehicles on the track.

What comes with the Master System?

The Sega Master System was one of the first consoles that let kids play their favorite arcade games at home. To give players the chance to compete against each other, Sega included two controllers inside the box. It also came with all the cords needed to connect it to a television, a power cord, and a cartridge that actually featured 25 different titles. It gave you access to all the hot arcade games of the time. Be sure that if you buy one of these systems it will work in your part of the globe because they are designed to be limited to regional areas. For example, systems designed for sale in South America and Japan will not work in the USA.

Are later games compatible?

Sega designed the Master System as a standalone console that came with a number of games. It is only compatible with game cartridges designed specifically for this system. Using titles that came out in later years might damage your system and keep it from playing. You will find titles like "Penguin Land," "Altered Beast," and "Galaxy Force" that work with this system. Sega made other games in later years that are compatible with the Sega Master System console, like "Sonic" and "Alex Kidd."

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