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Sega Genesis Consoles

The Sega Genesis, called the Mega Drive in some countries, is a home video game console from Sega, a multinational company based in Tokyo, Japan. The Genesis was released in Japan in 1988, in North America in 1989, and throughout the rest of the world in 1990. The library of Genesis games includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star IV, Streets of Rage II, and much more.

What are the specs of the Sega Genesis?

The Sega Genesis, originally marketed as a 16-bit console, features two different processors. The main processor, clocked at 7.6 MHz, performs the bulk of the computational work. The secondary processor controls the system's sound hardware and provides backward compatibility with Sega's previous console, the Master System. The system can display a maximum resolution of around 320x224 pixels. It has a palette of 512 colors, 61 of which can be shown at once. The Genesis system uses ROM-based cartridges, but CD-ROM games are also supported via the Sega CD add-on. Features of these gaming consoles include a volume-control slide and stereo output.

Is the Sega Genesis different from the Mega Drive?

Apart from minor differences in display resolution and the cosmetic design of the exterior, the two versions are nearly identical. This is true for both the original Genesis hardware and subsequent hardware revisions.

What is the Sega Genesis Flashback?

The Sega Genesis Flashback is an all-in-one console developed by AtGames. This system will accept nearly all original Genesis and Mega Drive cartridges. It also comprises 85 built-in games, including the Sonic, Mortal Kombat, and Shining Force series. Two 2.4 GHz wireless controllers can be used with this console. Besides their wireless capabilities, these controllers are identical to the originals that accompanied the original Sega Genesis. This console also features 720p HDMI output, scan-line filtering, and save, pause, and rewind abilities for all games.

Is it possible to play Master Systems games on the Genesis?

Yes, you can play Master Systems games on the Genesis with the use of a separate attachment. This accessory is known as the Power Base Converter in North America and as the Master System Converter in Europe.

How many different models of the Genesis were released?

Although released in many variations that differed slightly, the Genesis console has three major versions:

  • Model 1: This console comes with a volume-control slide.
  • Model 2: This streamlined model is smaller and provides stereo output.
  • Model 3: The smallest of the three, this console is a third-party product.
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