Enhance Your Sega Genesis with a Sega CD Accessory

Sega has developed and produced mechanical and video games for over 50 years. The original Genesis console used cartridges to bring games to the players. With the addition of the Sega CD accessory, you can play disc-based games from your Sega Genesis system, and you can increase its performance with extra hardware.

What are the benefits of this device?

The main benefit of a Sega CD is expanding your Genesis games library to include disc-based games as well as cartridges. Because the Sega CD is an add-on, you'll have new hardware to help you access more games and retain the ability to play games from cartridges. Some other advantages of using this accessory are:

  • Size: The Sega CD can support games that use hundreds of megabytes of data to function. This allows you to run larger, longer games on the Genesis console.
  • Graphics: Because the Sega CD can handle larger games and because it uses a fast processor, you can play games that have full-motion video graphics and other enhancements.
  • Ports: Many games for the Sega CD are ports of classic genesis games. The console supports a games library with over 200 titles.
What types of Sega CD systems are available?

Sega released several versions of this accessory over the course of its development. Each version performs the same basic function, but each also has different interfaces. Some models may include extra features. Some common types of pre-owned Sega CDs you can find on eBay are:

  • Model 1: The Sega CD model 1 was the first standard version the company released. It uses a disc tray that sits underneath your Genesis console. You can load it from the front.
  • Model 2: The Sega CD model 2 had a redesign that allowed it to sit next to the Genesis system and had a top-loading tray without a motor.
What else can the Sega CD system do?

Most Sega CD consoles include extra features that enhance how you can use your Genesis. In some versions, the Sega CD itself has features that allow it to perform other functions besides playing games. Some common extras for the system are:

  • Music player: You can use some versions of the console to play audio from compact discs.
  • Karaoke machine: Many karaoke discs come in the CD+G format, and the Sega CD has the necessary hardware to play these discs for karaoke sessions.
  • 32-bit games: The system can use a 32X accessory to play games with 32-bit displays.
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