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Seeburg Replacement Parts

When your Seeburg jukebox needs repairs, authentic Seeburg parts can get the records spinning again. Seeburg entered the jukebox market in 1927 and began changing the way these machines played records. Whether you're new to the jukebox scene or happen to be a seasoned collector or restorer, Seeburg is a name you must know. There are replacement parts for just about every model of Seeburg jukebox, whether you need something small like needles or title strips or something more intricate like a capacitor or converter. Keeping your unit in good health and ready to play the next tune is part of keeping the jukebox era alive.

What is a Wallbox?

  • A Seeburg wallbox is a remote selector. Used most often in restaurants and bars, a wallbox is the mechanism that connects to the Seeburg unit that allows patrons to select a record without having to access the actual jukebox itself.
  • The unit is linked to the jukebox by a series of wires to route power and connect to the jukebox's stepper.
  • Wallboxes helped keep the music flowing, and they encouraged more people to choose their favorite song.

What Are Some Seeburg Jukebox Models?

There are many Seeburg models from which to choose.

  • The Seeburg V200 debuted in 1955. It could handle up to 100 selections, and it could play both the common 45 rpm records and EPs.
  • The Seeburg M100A was a 100-selection jukebox.
  • The Seeburg 220 and 222, also called "Channel," were the first models to serve as general stereo jukeboxes.

Are You Restoring a Seeburg?

Restoring a Seeburg can be very gratifying. Having your Seeburg jukebox in working order makes it a true conversation piece, and with the right replacement parts, your Seeburg can rock and roll for decades to come.

  • The right amp and system can give any recreation room or diner a piece of nostalgia that improves your guests' experience.
  • Rebuild the jukebox amplifier, transformer, and automatic phonograph for smooth sounding music.
  • You can stay true to the original or add personal touches that make it a one-of-a-kind machine.

Can Seeburg Parts Work With Other Jukeboxes?

If you're looking to restore another brand of jukebox, Seeburg jukebox parts might be the solution you seek.

  • Common replacements include jukebox glass, rpm records, plungers, and more.
  • If you're trying to build your own jukebox, choosing the right parts to get effective results is crucial. The box (or the housing unit), the amplifier, and records are some standard pieces that can sometimes be replaced with any brand of replacement parts.
  • Be sure to check the specifications and model number of your existing unit or jukebox parts to ensure that you have found a proper fit.

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