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Nissan Altima Seats

Nissan Altimas have come with a wide variety of different leather and fabric seats available over the years. Replacement parts are available to match factory specifications or to enhance your vehicle. Whether you are looking for a more comfortable ride or a stylish replacement, seats for this car exist to meet your needs.

What are the different generations of Nissan Altima seats?

Nissan has produced the Altima continuously since 1993 with the fifth generation of the car starting in 2012. Each of the five generations of the car included standard cloth and optional leather seats. Regardless of the generation, all of these cars came with front buckets and a rear bench, allowing for a seating capacity of five people. Before buying a replacement part for your Nissan, ensure that you are purchasing it for the correct model year as parts will not fit across generations.

What do Nissan Altima seats look like?

Nissan Altima seats are available in both cloth and leather seat trims. Some Altimas are only available with fabric in black but also offer leather seats in both beige and black. These are designed to provide maximum comfort over long journeys and offer ample support to match the Nissans performance styling. Older versions of this car were available with tan fabric as well.

What features do Nissan Altima front seats have?

The bucket seats in a Nissan Altima are available with power adjustment across all generations. This allows for the driver to conveniently adjust the chair without having to manually pull it back and forth. This is handy for vehicles that may have multiple drivers and require frequent adjustment. Later model Nissan Altimas have heated leather front buckets available, making for a much more comfortable experience when entering the vehicle in cold weather.

What features do Nissan Altima back seats have?

Each Nissan Altima came with a rear bench that could fit three people. Depending on the generation of the Nissan Altima, the bench may have included different features. Nissan Altimas produced since 2002 have included a three-point seat belt for the center occupant while those produced before 2002 have not included a bench that has this capability. Nissan Altimas produced since 2006 have included a center headrest in the rear bench to provide added whiplash protection to the middle occupant. Some versions of this car also have a fold-down tray in the center built into the bench, which provides an armrest and cup holders when fewer than five people need to ride in the car.