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Lincoln Navigator Seats

These items provide you with seats that you can use to upgrade or replace the current ones in your Lincoln Navigator. They are made available from a vast array of brands that include Dash Designs, Ford, Motorcraft, and Lincoln. They also come in a variety of different types such as racing seats and bench seats.

What are the different seat types available to select from?

There are several seat types that you can choose to place in your Lincoln Navigator.

  • Racing: These are designed to provide drivers and passengers with several unique features that include enhanced lateral support and the ability to attach racing harnesses. They are crafted with the shape of the human body in mind.
  • Bench: These are seats that can be found for either the front or rear of a vehicle and are designed to provide continuous support across the entire width of the vehicle in question, allowing you to seat up to three people on one bench seat.
  • Bucket: This is a seat that is contoured specifically for a single person, typically providing you with raised backs, a rounded seat, and sides that are curved.
Which materials are used on these seats?

These seats are equipped with a variety of materials depending on the model you choose.

  • Leather: This a material commonly used in seats for the Lincoln Navigator that is tough and durable and offers a stylistic appearance. It is somewhat water resistant and can also resist abrasion. Due to the natural aspect of this material, it will not irritate the skin.
  • Polyester: This is a strong material that offers resistance against stretching, abrasion, and the majority of chemicals. It is also inherently quick to dry, making it simple to clean.
  • Nylon: This is a thin and flexible fabric that is durable and is 100% water resistant as it automatically pushes liquid to the side.
What are some features available with these Lincoln Navigator seats?

These seats can be outfitted with a large number of features that you can consider when selecting your new seats. Many of these models come with reclining functionality that allows you to move the top portion of your seat backwards and forwards in order to obtain the optimal position for your body. Many of these Lincoln seats are also equipped with a heating system that you can use on particularly chilly days or whenever you believe that your back would benefit from some extra heat. Some offer massaging technology that helps to keep your back comfortable and in good shape, a feature that can be put to use on lengthy car trips in your luxury SUV. Most of these seats come with fully adjustable controls that you can use to move your seat in a variety of directions depending on your specific needs.

Which colors are these seats available in?

These seats are available in numerous colors, most of which are black. A few of the additional color options open to you with these Lincoln seats include brown, white, tan, blue, and orange, providing you with the means of matching the seat to the color of your interior.