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Lexus GX470 Seats

The Lexus GX470 merges luxury and comfort to produce a three-row midsize vehicle, making this crossover SUV is perfect for families, road trips, and business commutes. The GX470 provides precision driving to anyone who needs more space than a traditional sedan or sports car provides. Whether your seats are damaged or its simply time for a change, selecting replacement Lexus GX470 seats has never been easier.

What are the different types of Lexus GX 470 seats?

Finding a replacement seat for your Lexus model GX 470 might seem overwhelming with the many options available. There are different styles to select from, including bucket seats, row seats, and even racing seats. You can also choose from a variety of materials because there are seats made out of leather, synthetic leather, upholstery, or a combination of leather, synthetic leather, and upholstery.

There are many different color options from tans and neutral browns to grey, black, and white. You could also opt to select a more exciting color option, such as blue, green, or pink. There are also seats available in prints like zebra stripes, polka dots, or plaid to liven up your Lexus GX470's interior scheme.

How do you remove this vehicle's rear seats?

You can remove the back seats in your GX470 to allow for more room or so that you can replace them with a different seat style. This process described is relatively easy and only takes about five minutes:

  • Start by parking your Lexus on an even, level area and placing it in park. Lay the rear seats down and folded over. Find the panel located to the right and to the left of each seat.
  • The panel should be readily visible and easy to open. You can use a socket wrench extension set to unscrew the two bolts that are securing each of the seats.
  • Next, carefully lift the entire seat assembly up, and remove it from your vehicle. You may want to thread the removed bolts back onto the holding plates. This will keep them safely attached should you choose to place the seats back at some point.
How do you take the front seats out?
  • After your Lexus is safely parked, begin by moving the seats to the furthest back position possible. This will put you in a perfect position to locate the front bolts on the seat track. Release the front bolts.
  • Next, put the seats back into a forward position. You will now find the two rear bolts, releasing them as well.
  • Finally, lift the seat upwards using both hands. The seat should slide out easily, allowing you to remove it from the car.