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Ford Excursion Seats

If you drive your Ford Excursion often, you may eventually find that your seats need to be replaced. A new seat can improve the look of your car and the experience of driving it. You can replace the full unit or just the cover.

Why should you replace an Excursion seat?

Everyday use can wear out the seating in your vehicle. Replacing these parts can help your car look better, and it can provide a more comfortable place for you to sit.

  • Rips: Sometimes the upholstery becomes torn, which exposes the seat interior. Replacing ripped upholstery can fix this problem before the seat interior sustains damage.
  • Fading: Sunlight and general use can fade the once vibrant shades of your upholstery or leather. Replacing faded material can elevate the look of your Ford SUV.
  • Wear: The fabric of your seating may be wearing thin in some places, such as along the bolster. This is the raised portion of the seat, and many people press on this area as they get in and out of the car. Therefore, this area may wear out sooner than the other parts of your seat. Replacing worn seating solves the problem before a rip occurs.

What are your options for replacing an Excursion seat?

  • Replace the entire seat: If the benches or chairs in your Ford Excursion have sustained serious damage, it is best to replace the entire unit. You can do this by ordering replacement seats to install in your vehicle.
  • Replace the seat cover: If your seat has cosmetic damage but is structurally sound, you might prefer to replace only the cover. This approach allows you to upgrade one vehicle accessory at a time.
  • Replace the seat accessories: Sometimes, the problem is not with the seat itself but with the accessories that attach to it. For example, the seat recliner handle in your SUV may need to be replaced. In that case, you can switch out just that part without replacing the entire Excursion seat.

What seat types are available for Ford Excursions?

When shopping for a replacement seat, make sure that you look for the right type to replace what you currently have. This will make for the smoothest transition from one seat to the next. Switching between seat styles may require extensive modifications to your Ford Excursion.

  • Bench seating - This style of seating features a flat bench that can accommodate two or three passengers. Gasoline or diesel engine Excursions often have bench seating in the second or third rows.
  • Bucket seating - This model of seating gives each passenger an individual chair in which to sit. These are sometimes called captain's chairs.

What other characteristics do you need to consider?

  • Model year - Make sure that the seat you buy is compatible with a vehicle that was made during your model year.
  • Color - Purchase a seat that will match the current upholstery of your Ford truck.