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Chevrolet S10 Seats

Racing, sport, suspension, and classic seat styles are available for the Chevrolet. Different styles of seats all have slightly different qualities to offer, depending on owner preferences. A variety of materials help to comprise each type of seating in the Chevy S10.

What are racing style seats?

Racing styles are often shaped in a bucket silhouette with relatively deep sides that extend forward on both sides of the headrest portion. In an actual racing setting, these protruding flaps would help to absorb any impact on the driver’s or passenger’s head from sudden or sharp turns. Racing styles also often have edges that extend up around driver’s and passenger’s legs so that there is minimal sliding when said turns occur. In a Chevrolet pickup truck, these styles are often more a result of stylistic and comfort preference than practical racing safety.

What are some features of sport seat designs?

Sport designs mimic many of the racing style features with slightly less emphasis. For instance, flaps on both sides of the headrest may be present, but smaller. Sides of the chair may rise up around legs but at a shorter height. Both racing and sport designs often include vents near the back of the individual’s head as well.

What is the function of suspension seats?

Suspension designs are created to absorb as much impact as possible from rough terrain. When the S10 is driving on a dirt or rocky road, the truck bounces much more than it would on pavement of any kind. The added shock from bouncing is absorbed by the extra cushion on the bottom of suspension models. They are often several inches thicker than racing or sport styles in order to accommodate the difference. This way, riders are not bouncing in their seats or distracted by excessive movement in the Chevrolet S10.

What are qualities of classic seat styles?

Classic styles for the Chevrolet S10 often have less extra features than racing, sport, or suspension styles and are relatively streamlined. Some styles of classic seats include headrests while others end with a flat top at the neck. Embroidery is common in classic styles; it is used to create seams vertically or horizontally for design value and to define silhouettes.

What textiles are utilized to make vehicle seats?

Racing and sport styles for the Chevrolet are commonly made from synthetic blends with wicking fabric like nylon or mesh. Different types of plastic may be used for edging and lining as well. Chairs are typically filled with assorted varieties of padding, gel, and foam. S10 suspension styles are made from a wide variety of textiles, from leather to synthetic blends. Classic styles for the Chevrolet S10 are typically made from different varieties of leather in a range of hues, both neutral and bold.