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Cadillac Escalade Seats

Cadillac Escalade seats are built to assure comfort and performance for the driver. The passenger seats come in a number of styles and colors and perform a variety of functions. Many Escalades come with standard seat amenities, but those can be upgraded to platinum.

What are the features of Cadillac Escalade seats?

Cadillac Escalade seats are equipped with many features to suit the owner's taste. Colors, styles, and amenities are chosen based on the specific needs of the owner. But most importantly, people want to drive in comfort. Here are the SUVs most sought after features:

  • Heated seats: Heated seats are standard in some Escalades. The temperature can be adjusted based on the driver's specifications. The supplied heat in the SUV's seats can be set on a timing wheel to shut off automatically. Heated seats can also be soothing if the driver has back problems.
  • Power seats: Power controls on the Cadillac interior door panel allows the driver to move the seats in different directions. Seats can be adjusted according to height, leg room, and other factors to find the ideal setting.
  • Ventilated Seats: Escalade vented seats contain small fans in the cushions and back rest. The ventilation can prevent sweating so that the seat stays dry. It also reduces seat temperature if the Escalade has been sitting in the hot sun.
  • Captain's Seats: These are single seats found in Cadillac Luxury vehicles. The have high backs for comfort. And like the wooden chairs that bear the name, they are equipped with adjustable arm rests.

What materials do Cadillac seats come in?

Most model cars come with the choice of cloth or leather. Deciding which to go with should be based on the vehicle, owner's lifestyle, and personal preference. Here are the features of both:

  • Cloth Interior: Cloth is a common option because it is breathable and easy to maintain. A bit of steaming and vacuuming usually does the trick. In the summer months, it cools down quickly once the air conditioning is on.
  • Leather Interior: Leather is low-maintenance, soft, supple, and very easy to clean.

How many standard seats are in the Cadillac Escalade?

The Cadillac Escalade comes with standard seating for seven occupants. The vehicle is equipped with two captain's seats in front, two in the second row, and a bench in the back that seats three. There can be an additional seat configured for an eighth passenger with the optional 60/40 bench seat.