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Nissan Altima Seat Covers

Whether your Nissan Altima is showing wear and tear or you want to keep it from becoming damaged, seat covers can provide the look you want for your car. Instead of replacing the seats, you can install seat covers. You can choose your favorite color and material for your seats and achieve a personalized look.

How is a cover installed in a Nissan Altima?

Drivers have two installation options for Nissan Altima seat covers, and they are listed here:

  • A pull-over cover fits onto your seat over the original upholstery. These cloth or leather covers can be taken off again if needed. If your goal is to protect the factory-installed fabric from spills and stains, this is the type of cover that you should use. This type can also be used to hide a damaged cushion.
  • A permanent cover replaces the original upholstery. The manufacturer-installed seat covers are removed, and the new covers are put in their place. These cloth or leather accessories provide a long-term solution for repairing damaged chairs or benches in your Nissan Altima.
What factors must be considered when buying Altima seat covers?
  • Model year: Seats can change from year to year. The Nissan Altima has gone through several generations, so a cover that fits one model may not fit another. Only purchase a cover that specifies that compatibility with your model year.
  • Car version: The chairs and benches in a Nissan Altima hybrid are different from those in the traditional version of the Altima. If you drive a hybrid, be sure that the cover you order is compatible with your vehicle.
  • Position: A Nissan Altima has individual chairs in the driver's and front passenger's positions and a bench in the back. Each seat style requires a different type of cover.
  • Power compatibility: Some Nissan Altimas have power driver's chairs. These have a different configuration from standard seats, so they require covers that fit differently.
  • Material: Seat covers for a Nissan Altima may be made of fabric or leather. If your vehicle originally came with cloth upholstery, you may want to maintain this same style for your new seat covers. However, replacing all of the seat covers presents an opportunity to upgrade to leather.
  • Color: As with the material you choose, if you are replacing only one cover, you will probably want to keep the same color scheme that your car currently has. However, if you are installing new covers throughout the vehicle, you can choose a new shade.