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Jeep Cherokee Seat Covers

The Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee are sport utility vehicles that are recognized for their family-friendly design and ample interior space. After years of use, the covers for the car's seats may become worn, stained, or thread-bare. Materials used for replacement seat covers to fit your Jeep's front or back seats feature helpful properties such as anti-static, anti-bacterial, cushioning, and resistance to stains so that you can ride in both comfort and style.

What are the types of seat covers for Jeep Cherokees?
  • Polyurethane leatherette: Polyurethane coated leatherette is a durable material that resists moisture, spills, and stains. It is easy to clean and comes in a range of colors that coordinate with the interior of your Jeep Cherokee or Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • Leather: Leather seat covers are also available to fit your Jeep Cherokee. The leather coordinates with the trim inside of your vehicle and provides enhanced durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Fabric with neoprene: Upholstery fabric coated with a stain-resistant layer of neoprene is also available as a cover to fit the seats in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. These covers offer cushioning and comfort, and they may come with separate cushions for lumbar support.
How do you choose seat covers for Jeep Grand Cherokees?
  • Choose the placement in the vehicle: Select seat covers for the front seats or the back seats of your Cherokee. You can also choose seat covers for the driver's side or the passenger's side of your Cherokee.
  • Select a fabric and color: Select a color for the seat covers. Available options to coordinate with the trim of your car include black, tan, gray, and others. You could also choose a fun pattern such as camouflage. Select a fabric option such as faux or genuine leather or upholstery for the seat covers in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • Choose a manufacturer: Select seat covers made by the original equipment manufacturer or direct replacement seat covers for your Cherokee made by companies including Boost Waves, Coverking, FH Group, Fly5D, Mopar, Oxgord, SEAT, and others. There are also unbranded seat covers made to fit the front or back seats.
How do you remove and install Jeep Cherokee seat covers?

When you are ready to replace the seat covers in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you first need to remove the old ones. Begin by removing the full head rest in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Slide your hands under the fabric or leather from the bottom of the back of the front or back seat and pull the fabric up and over the top. The part that you sit on is typically belted or snapped into place under the captain's chair or bench. Use a flashlight to locate the fastening area and loosen it with your hands. To install the new seat covers in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, slide the fabric over the bottom part of the chair and fasten it. Do the same for the top part. Finally, replace the Cherokee's head rest.