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Hummer H3 Seat Covers

Hummer H3 seat covers will help protect the rear and front seats in your vehicle from tears and spills while enhancing the interior style. They come in two-tone as well as a wide array of materials, colors, prints, and fabrics. These seat covers will fit most Hummer H3 models and years.

What are the three main types of seat covers?

There are three main styles of Hummer H3 seat covers. Knowing the benefits of each one will help you in the selection process. Here are the three top styles of seat covers for your Hummer H3 and important details on how they will fit your seats:

  • Custom: With this style, each curve and contour is taken into consideration, including any ergonomic controls that your SUV seats may feature. They are made to fit your Hummer H3 seats and are fashioned from materials and fabrics of the highest quality.
  • Semi-custom: They are designed with a more basic pattern that will complement your specific style of Hummer H3 seats but will also work with similarly sized seats in other automobiles. Most will have open sides that will not block the side airbags.
  • Universal: These seat covers are made to fit on all styles of low and high-back bucket seats. They feature a looser fit and slip on and off quite easily.
Which materials for seat covers are right for kids?

You love your children but not the messes they may leave behind. From spills to dirt to muddy shoes, children can damage the seats of your Hummer H3. If you want to protect your Hummer H3 seats from scratches and other messes your children can inflict, then canvas or neoprene seat covers would be a wise choice. Neoprene is a fade-resistant, durable rubber-type fabric with reinforced seams that can withstand even the roughest children. Canvas covers feature fabric that resists stains, mildew, and spills. Both choices are also easy to clean and the appropriate options for your Hummer.

How do you clean neoprene seat covers?

Neoprene seat covers for a Hummer H3 are not only in-demand, stylish, and durable, but they are also easy to clean. Just follow these steps:

  • Fill a bucket with lukewarm water.
  • Add wetsuit shampoo to the water.
  • Remove the seat covers, and use a lint-free, clean cloth to rub and wash your neoprene seat covers.
  • Rinse them with fresh water.
  • Use a towel to dry each one, and then let them air-dry completely before putting them back on your seats.