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Ford Fusion Seat Covers

Getting in and out of your Ford Fusion or Ford truck on a daily basis can slowly wear down the seats. You may notice wear and tear on the front and cracks forming in the material. Covering the material with seat covers hides that damage and offers some additional protection.

What are some of the different available materials?

Once you start looking at options for a Ford Fusion, you'll find that there are a variety of materials available. These seat covers come in materials like leather or cloth. Leather has a great look and molds to the shape of your seats. Cloth is a suitable alternative to leather that fits just as well and is easy to clean. Cloth covers for the Ford Fusion usually come in a variety of colors.

What designs can you select?

The most important thing to look at when picking seat covers is finding one that works with your Ford Fusion. Verify the make, model, and year of your vehicle to ensure the ones you select will work with your front seat, rear, and head rest. The Ford Fusion comes in different models that have a larger or smaller head rest. Design can also apply to the look of the Ford covers. Some use two or more colors to completely change the look of your seats.

Can you pick from different colors?

When looking at ways to protect your Ford seats, you can opt for different colors or designs. This lets you match back to the original look of the seats, choose a completely new color, or match to the exterior. Colors include some darker shades like black, gray, hunter green, and royal blue. You'll also find lighter shades like pink and neutral colors like tan. Seat covers for the Ford Fusion can also use multiple colors and patterns.

What is a protector?

Ford vehicles like the Ford Fusion are compatible with protectors too. This type of cover fits a bit looser. The seat covers look like one large piece of fabric that you drape across your seat. You typically use these in the back rather than in the front. WeatherTech seat covers, for instance, are suitable for families with kids or pets. The material is resistant to all types of liquids, including water, juice, and rain. Putting one of these seat covers in the back of your Ford Fusion keeps your vehicle cleaner.