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Ford Excursion Seat Covers

Having seat covers in your car can help provide extra protection to your car's interior against spills, dirt, general wear and tear, and more. There are many seat covers available for a Ford Excursion, varying in color, material, style, and more. You can find the perfect option to add an aesthetically pleasing look and effective protection to your Ford.

How do you care for leather car seat covers?

Leather car seat covers are durable and provide a sleek look to your truck interior. To keep the leather in good shape, it is important to clean and care for it periodically. For general cleaning, simply wipe down the seats with a damp cloth or a vinegar and water mixture after vacuuming any dirt from the crevices and surface of the seat. For more extensive cleaning and care, use a specialized, soft-bristled brush and leather conditioners and polishes to keep the material smooth and protected. Let the seat covers air dry.

How do you wash car seat covers?

Washing your Excursion truck seat covers can help remove dirt and stains, and the method used to best clean the covers may vary depending on the product and the material. For common cloth varieties, remove the covers and hand wash them with water and a mild detergent. Some materials are fine to put in the washer on a cold, delicate cycle, but other materials, such as suede and leather, shouldn't be soaked and will need special cleaners and materials to remove dirt. For most seat covers, avoid putting them in the dryer to avoid altering the way the cover fits. Instead, dry the Ford Excursion covers naturally by air. For specific instructions, it is best to read the product tag.

What materials are Ford seat covers made of?

Truck seat covers for Ford vehicles may be made of a variety of materials, all providing different looks, benefits, fits, and feels. Commonly, seat covers are made out of neoprene, canvas, leather, nylon, or tough polyester to keep water, dirt, and other materials from reaching the seat under the material. Materials are sometimes blended to combine the benefits, such as the combination of neoprene and polyester for neosupreme material. These options come in many styles, including camo designs, furry feels, simple solid colors, custom designs, and more.

How do heated seat covers work?

Heated car seat covers are very useful in colder climates and can easily be taken off the Excursion seat during warmer months. They can also help relieve back pain and increase comfort on long rides. This seat cover is thicker on the seat and back and fits somewhat as a cushion. It contains warming elements that are heated using either a battery or your Ford's power system. Many options utilize a remote to control the heat and some even have a back massager incorporated.