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Dodge Durango Seat Covers

Your Dodge Durango offers a smooth, luxurious ride, in part due to its comfortable, contoured seats. You can protect those seats from wear and tear with custom or universal seat covers. If your Dodge Durango's seats are already scratched, torn, or worn, a set of seat covers will help hide those blemishes.

How do you choose car seat covers?

Consider the following factors when choosing covers that are suitable for your Dodge:

  • Quantity - Decide how many seats you want to cover. You might want to cover only those seats that are used most frequently, or you might want to cover all of your seats in order to get a uniform look.
  • Fabric type - Consider what type of fabric fits your climate, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Seat covers come in a variety of fabrics. You should give thought to who uses the seats you plan to cover and what comes in contact with your Durango's upholstery. Some fabrics are more suited for hotter climates while others are more suited to colder conditions. Determine if you want covers that wipe clean or that can be washed in a washing machine. Also, consider what color or pattern complements your Dodge Durango's interior and exterior.
  • Size - Select a car seat cover that meets the dimensional requirements of your Dodge seats. You need to know your vehicle's make, model, and year of manufacture to get a cover that fits well.
What are custom, semi-custom, and universal covers?

There are three basic types of Dodge Durango seat covers.

  • Custom covers - These Dodge Durango covers are designed and crafted specifically for Dodge Durango seats. Covers hug every bend, fold, and curve on your car's seats, and they accommodate every knob. The result is a cover that fits like a glove.
  • Semi-custom covers - These seat covers are compatible with your Dodge Durango’s seats, but they are also suitable for use with other cars, trucks, and sports utility vehicles. Generally, a cover in this category fits somewhat more loosely than a custom cover.
  • Universal covers - A universal Dodge Durango cover fits most trucks, vans, and SUVs. Universal covers generally slip on and off readily, are easy to handle, and have a relatively loose fit.
What fabrics are available for Dodge Durango seat covers?

There are a range of fabrics available for your Dodge Durango. The selection includes, but is not limited to, genuine leather, faux leather, suede, mesh, neoprene, ballistic, velour, carbon fiber, and saddleblanket. Colors run the gamut from solid gray, beige, and black to bold red, blue, and burgundy. You can opt for a solid-color leather, a two-tone colorblock velour, or an eye-catching woven tweed. Alternatively, you can notch it up still further with a floral, animal, camouflage, or sport-themed print.

What features should you look for in seat covers?

When shopping for seat covers for your Dodge Durango, consider which features you value. Based on your particular lifestyle, you might decide one or more of the following features are particularly important:

  • UV light protective coating
  • Flame-resistant coating
  • Water repellency
  • Resistance to rips and punctures
  • Machine washability