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Dodge Caliber Seat Covers

Though the Dodge Caliber is no longer in production, vehicle owners will still find a considerable number of exterior and interior parts and accessories on the market if they are looking for new or replacement items. These parts, both Ford OEM and aftermarket, can be functional and practical acquisitions for the Dodge Caliber, all the while giving the vehicle some added curb appeal. Inside the vehicle, the seat covers, which come in a wide variety of material and aesthetic options, are a great way to help protect the car's interior while giving it a sharp, eye-catching appeal.

What are some common materials used in vehicle seat covers?

These include leather, leatherette (a faux leather), velour, canvas, tweed, poly-cotton, and waterproof polyester, among many others. Each material has its own positive attributes, so auto owners looking into car seat coverage should look closely at the cover composition details.

Why is neoprene used in covers for seats?

Chiefly, because it is a top-grade rubber material. It boasts the most waterproof protection available and is thus the material used in high-end surfing wetsuits. Genuine CR-grade neoprene seat covers, made of four layers, are composed of this material in the inner layer while the outer layers are made of fabric. Easily spot-cleaned and air-dried, neoprene seat covers are very easy to install. They also provide good chemical stability while maintaining flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Are there Dodge Caliber-specific seat covers?

There are a number of cover options specific to the Dodge Caliber, and there will be no question about these snugly fitting on your seats. There are also general Dodge seat covers, as well as many universal covers available. If you are going for a more generic seat cover, make sure to check closely that the cover is compatible with the Caliber. Often, a listing in each specific cover will indicate the makes and models that product will fit.

Are there Dodge Caliber seat cover sets?

Yes, there are many sets available in a broad range of selections. Some simply cover all the seats while other sets may include cushions, headrests, center consoles, and belt covers. Some special sets include all the above along with floor mats. These sets are a quick and convenient way to accessorize and provide interior protection all at one time while at the same time knowing all the accessories will match and fit.

Are there seat cushion pads available for Dodge Caliber?

Yes; exclusive from covers, there are varieties of such pads that are available, providing extra thickness and comfort to different areas of the individual seating area. Pads are, of course, available for the seats themselves. Other options available include pads that help support the lumbar area, side leg pads, and pads providing support under the knees.