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Honda Odyssey Seat Belts and Parts

Honda Odyssey minivans are prized for their longevity, roominess, and functionality. As your Honda Odyssey ages, regular maintenance is key to ensure that it will continue to perform and operate safely. Replacing your Honda Odyssey seat belts and parts may be necessary over time.

What are the parts of a Honda Odyssey seat belt?

The seat belts in your Honda Odyssey are a primary component of the van's safety features. Therefore, they require regular checks for functionality to ensure driver and passenger safety. While most people are familiar with the belt and latch portion of the system, there are several key parts of the safety harness system that work together to restrain the passengers in a moving vehicle. These parts include:

  • Latch: On the driver's side, this part is attached to the floor on the right side of the driver; on the passenger side, it is on the left. In the rear, it is attached to the floor; on removable seats, it may be attached to the seat itself.
  • Latch plate: Located on the webbing or belt, this small, metal plate slides into the opening of the latch and snaps into place to lock the belt.
  • Pretensioner: This part is located under the panels units adjacent to the doors. It operates by retracting the belt to the length needed for comfort and can lock into place during an accident to offer additional protection.
  • Height adjuster: On some models of vehicles, including the Honda Odyssey, a height adjuster is included on front belts. By sliding the height adjuster up or down, the belt height can be adjusted to come comfortably across the top of the shoulder.
Why wont the seat belt retract?

It can be very frustrating to have a belt that doesn't fully retract, especially for busy parents who need to install safety equipment for young children. Often, a belt that does not retract, is slow to retract, or will not extend after retracting, may be dirty or have become folded along one edge of the seat belt when it was last retracted. For seat belts that will not extend due to a creased or folded edge, try unfolding the edge of the seat belt by using a narrow letter opener or butter knife. You can reach into the seat belt unit and guide the edge back into place.

For seat belts that will not retract or are slow to retract, you may need to access the seat belt pretensioner unit in the door panel to check for any obstruction or any buildup of dirt or grime. If the seat belt still does not retract after cleaning, the pretensioner spring may need replacement. There are many OEM and aftermarket seat belt replacement parts for the Honda Odyssey.