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Honda Civic Seat Belts and Parts

When a seat belt or part has failed in your Honda Civic, you can easily find a replacement part that will have it working once more. Many Honda Civic parts are available for you to select from, including extenders, latches, pretensioners, and belt clips. These parts and accessories are manufactured by a wide range of brands, including DNA Motoring, Possbay, and Honda.

How does a Honda Civic seat belt pretensioner work?

A pretensioner is a mechanism within the belt that is essential to its smooth operation. When your Honda vehicle collides with another object at a certain speed, your Honda Civic's front airbags may be deployed. The Honda Civic's pretensioner mechanism could also be activated. If the vehicle notices that an accident has occurred, the mechanism will put out a small charge that drives a piston forward as a means of rapidly retracting the seat belt fabric. This removes all slack from the Civic's belt so that you will remain firmly in your seat upon impact.

What Honda Civic seat belt and part brands are available?

When selecting a seat belt or part for your Honda Civic, a variety of brand options are open to you. You could select a Honda Civic part that has been made by the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, of your vehicle. It is designed to match the exact specifications of the same part that was in your Honda vehicle when first released. These OEM parts can be fitted into a Honda Civic without requiring you to make any modifications. It is also possible to select an aftermarket Civic part, which has been made by one of many other brands. If you want to choose an aftermarket part, small alterations may be required for the part to fit your Honda car. You can also opt for unbranded Honda Civic parts.

What are Honda Civic seat belts and parts made of?

Seat belts and parts can consist of numerous materials, including nylon and stainless steel.

  • Nylon: This material, often used for Honda seat belt straps, is flexible and thin while also being tough and durable. This synthetic fabric is used in the Civic because of its ability to wick away moisture and resist both fire and abrasion.
  • Stainless steel: This is a durable metal that is largely resistant to fire, heat, and corrosion. The heaviness of the steel allows it to keep its form upon impact, as it is difficult to bend or crack.
  • Aluminum: This is a lightweight metal that is 100% resistant to water and corrosion. This metal can be formed to many different shapes and can be recycled. It is typically used to create Honda seat belt buckles.