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Honda Accord Seat Belts and Parts

Sometimes, the front seat belts in Honda Accords will not retract all the way or as fast as they once did. Replacing these Honda Accord belts and parts can be done with common household tools. If the safety belt is attached to the inside interior of the car, it can be replaced without having to remove the front seat.

How do you replace interior side-attached front seat belts?

To replace a front shoulder belt in your vehicle, you will need socket wrenches and a flat head screwdriver. Before starting, open the front door of the car and push the front seat as far forward as possible. Leave the vehicle's front door open. Open the back door behind the seat belt you will be working on, climbing in the back. This is where you will be working.

  • Remove the interior plastic, which is covering the rolled belt in the wall, by gripping the cover and wiggling out and up; its sides will pop off. If the bottom is clipped on, pulling up will work the plastic wall out of the clips.
  • To remove the old belt, begin at the bottom. Expose the bolt by pushing up the plastic decorative cover and remove the bolt with the socket wrench. At the roofline, the belt is also bolted. Using the flathead screwdriver, pry off its decorative cover and unbolt the top.
  • Inside and tucked away at the bottom of the door compartment, the rolled belt is bolted with two additional bolts. Unbolt both bolts and disconnect the wire from the safety belt component to the car. To disconnect, you will need to push down on the outside cover of the wire to expose the plug so that you can then unplug it. Remove the old belt.
  • To install the new safety belt in your Honda, plug in the new part to the old wire and place back in the wall. The roll will have a top hook that will hook it into the side. Rebolt the two bolts to hold the rolled belt in the wall. Then, rebolt both the upper belt to the roofline and the final lower connection.
  • Press and reclip back on all the decorative plastic covers.
How do you fix a Honda Accord's sticky seat buckle?

Honda Accord belt buckles can be worn out over time or particles can be stuck in the buckle; however, they can be cleaned and repaired. You will need a spray electrical cleaner in case you encounter any wiring and a lubricant or silicone spray plus rags to protect the interior. This is also a good maintenance practice for when the belt and buckle no longer hold together consistently and with a snug fit.

  • Cover the fabric or leather, consoles, and area around the buckle you will be cleaning to protect it.
  • Spray inside the buckle with the electrical cleaner. Push the other end, the belt clasp, in and out of the buckle a few times to loosen it.
  • Spray the clasp on the belt, not the buckle that you just sprayed the electrical cleaner in, with a silicone lubricant. You may also want to clean and maintain all the buckles and clips in the vehicle at the same time.