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Ford F-250 Seat Belts and Parts

Seat belts ensure the safety of the driver and passengers in a truck or other type of vehicle. Seat belts protect a truck's occupants from serious injury if a collision occurs. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all seat belt parts and accessories in your Ford F-250 are working correctly.

What are the parts of a seat belt?
  • Webbing: This goes around an occupant. It is composed of polyester and can support up to three metric tons or 6,613.87 pounds.
  • Retractor: This winding mechanism reels in the webbing. It allows the passenger to withdraw webbing from the mechanism or retract it.
  • Buckle: This secures the seat belt around the occupant. It secures the tongue attached to the webbing.
  • Tongue: This part attaches the webbing to the buckle.
  • Pillar Loop: This is located above the occupant's shoulder. The occupant uses it to guide the webbing over their shoulder and across their chest.
How do you replace the seat belt and belt retractor?
  • Remove the mounting screws that are holding the retractor cover in place, the retaining bolt that holds the retractor to the mounting point, and the adjuster cover so you can access the upper adjuster bolt.
  • Remove the adjuster bolt or mounting bolt in order to pull the shoulder belt off, the mounting bolt securing the lower lap belt, and the retractor assembly and seat belt.
  • Compare the new retractor and seat belt to what you just removed to ensure you bought the correct components. If possible, you may want to perform the previous six steps before buying a new retractor.
  • Install the new retractor and seat belt.
  • Reinstall the retractor cover and tighten the bolts according to Ford's recommendation for your truck.
  • Install the adjuster cover and adjuster mount bolt.
  • Test out the new retractor assembly and seat belt before driving your truck.
How do you replace a seat belt buckle?
  • Access the mounting location. You may need to move the seat or remove it entirely from your Ford truck.
  • Remove decorative trim from the seat belt buckle mounting bolt using a trim removal tool or screwdriver.
  • Use a Torx wrench or socket wrench to remove the buckle mounting bolt. You'll need to turn the bolt counterclockwise to remove it.
  • Remove the old buckle.
  • Insert the new buckle into the opening. Line its mounting hole up with the one in your F-250.
  • Insert a new mounting bolt that is the same grade and size as the old one.
  • Turn the mounting bolt clockwise with a socket and wrench until snug. Then use a torque wrench to tighten the bolt.
  • Test out the new seat belt buckle to ensure it operates properly.