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Ford Crown Victoria Seat Belts and Parts

Everyone in your vehicle should have a seat belt. When you need to replace the seat belts and parts in your Crown Victoria, it’s important to find the right ones. Whether you need individual pieces or a complete system, there are options to explore.

What is an off-road harness?

An off-road harness is designed to provide extra security to everyone in your Ford Crown Victoria when you're driving over rough terrain. Generally, it is a five-point system that includes straps across the shoulders, chest, and between the legs.

What are the different components of a seat-belt system?

Various components make up a Ford seat-belt unit. Understanding each part will make it easier for you to make replacements as needed.

  • Pretensioner: Responsible for removing the slack out of the seat belt when being worn
  • Extender: A component that will add length to a lap belt
  • Latch: What the belt buckle clips into
  • Belt: The fabric or nylon straps that go across the lap and over the shoulder
How do you replace a Crown Victoria seat belt?

Replacing a seat belt in a Ford Crown Victoria is a simple process. Before beginning, you will want to undo the bolts on both sides of the seats with a ratchet set. There may be a plastic covering over the bolts, which needs to be removed first. Once you have the bolts off, you can remove all of the existing parts. Then, add the new parts, tighten the bolts, and then feed the seat belt through the tongue of the pretensioner. You can then adjust everything as necessary so that you get a good fit.

What are some of the different features available?

You will find that there are various features for your Ford that you can choose from when you buy seat-belt components. You may want different ones based on how you drive and who is in your car.

  • Special latches for car seats and boosters
  • Quick-release latches
  • Padded shoulder straps
How do you buy seat belts for a Crown Victoria?

Buying a Ford Crown Victoria seat belt is an important process that you don’t want to take lightly. There are a few considerations to think about.

  • Seat-belt length: The average lap belt ranges from 60 inches to 90 inches.
  • Color: You can choose a color that matches the interior of your car.
  • OEM or aftermarket: You can choose between genuine parts or aftermarket ones.
  • Two-point and three-point harnesses: Review how many points you want in the seat belt based on where it's going in the car.