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Chevrolet Corvette Seat Belts & Parts

Chevrolet Corvette seat belts are devices used to keep vehicle occupants safe while they are either riding or driving their Chevrolet. Occupants are kept secure in the event of a sudden stop or a car wreck. The construction of these restraints helps significantly reduce the likelihood of injuries while driving the Corvette.

What are the parts of the Chevrolet seat belts?

There is far more to seat belts than just a belt and latch. Other components help the car's seat belts function properly. These are the crucial parts of seat belts that provide adequate cover if the Corvette is in an accident.

  • Latch: If you are sitting in the Chevrolet driver's seat, this is the part located to the right. It is fastened to the floor and locked in with other parts to keep the driver in place.
  • Latch plate: This part slides into the car seat latch. It can be adjusted in your car to the position more comfortable for you.
  • Pretensioner: The system keeps you firm while driving. It also locks into position when a collision happens.
  • Height adjuster: It is positioned over the left shoulder. The highest part of these seat belts can be moved up and down. The adjuster is used for interior comfort, as it prevents chafing of the neck of drivers who may be taller or shorter than average.
  • Extender: This is an optional piece of equipment that you must buy separately. It creates more length if the seat belts in your Corvette are too small.
What type of seat belts are used in the Corvette?

Over the years, the Chevrolet Corvette has used different types of seat belts. The four types used in Corvette models are listed.

  • Lash belts: These are adjustable and go over the waist. These were frequently used in older Chevrolet cars. These seat belts are not seen in Corvette models today.
  • Sash belts: These have an adjustable strap that goes over the shoulder and locks into the seat. They were also typically seen in older Corvette cars.
  • Automatic seat belts: These seat belts move back and forth automatically. These aren't used in Chevrolet much these days since the inclusion of airbags.
  • Three-point seat belts: This is the standard for the Chevrolet. The three-point has a lap-over across the torso and the waist. These seat belts spread out the energy during a car accident. Cover is provided for the pelvis and chest during an accident.