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In Search of Rare Magic Cards: Sealed Magic: The Gathering Booster Packs

Magic: The Gathering involves building sets and decks from individual gaming cards. An MTG booster pack is designed to give Magic players a chance to obtain rare cards for their collection. Affordable, sealed MTG packs are available on eBay for all of the game's versions, including the alpha and beta editions.

The basics of a sealed MTG booster pack

Magic: The Gathering cards are released in sets each year. Sets must be completed by the purchase of sealed packs such as the Alpha Booster Box. Each sealed pack contains up to 15 cards. These cards are a mix of common, rare, and mythic rare creatures. It is not possible to know which cards are in the pack until the sealed pack is opened.

What types of new sealed MTG booster packs are available?

New MTG booster packs are issued several times each year. There are also boosters available from past years that may have value to collectors. Some of the sealed boosters include:

  • MTG Alpha Booster Box
  • MTG Alpha Booster Pack
  • MTG Beta Booster Box
  • MTG Beta Booster Pack
Understanding the difference between MTG alpha and beta cards

Alpha MTG cards and booster packs are defined as those from the earliest issues. Beta booster packs are those that came after the first alpha cards were released. An effective way to determine whether or not a card is an alpha or beta is to look at the corners of the cards and the borders. Alpha cards have defining characteristics such as:

  • A black border
  • Rounded edges with a 2mm radius
Have sealed MTG packs been searched for rare cards?

A sealed MTG alpha booster pack eBay users find for sale is one that has not been previously opened. The factory seal will remain intact on these cards. Each booster pack contains the rare cards that were originally included. All MTG boosters include at least one rare, mythic, or foil card. Some packs can also include a foil card in addition to a mythic or rare.

The difference between MTG booster packs and booster boxes

Sealed MTG packs can be purchased individually. They may also be purchased in boxes that contain five or more sealed booster packs. A Magic booster box on eBay will typically cost more than individual packs. The box that contains the sealed packs can often be used for display. Individually sealed packs of cards are less expensive and contain 15 cards. The cards are a mix of common, uncommon, rare, and land varieties.

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