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Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft Covers

Personal watercraft (PWC), such as a Sea-Doo, are a great way to spend a day out on the water. When out of the water, your personal watercraft should be protected against the elements. With a number of options to choose from, Sea-Doo personal watercraft covers can meet all your needs.

Why use a personal watercraft cover?

Why do you need to cover a craft designed to operate in water? Sea-Doo personal watercraft are an investment in fun. As with any of your possessions, you want it to be properly protected when not in use. This will extend the life of your PWC and keep it in good shape. Here are some reasons to cover.

  • A Sea-Doo is generally made from a fiberglass frame. The cover will protect the porous material from drying out from exposure to the weather for long periods of time.
  • A cover will protect your Sea-Doo from hazards when out of the water like excessive sand, mud, and dirt.
  • When traveling, your PWC will be guarded against rock and debris strikes.
  • The cover will guard against scratches and sun exposure to the paint.
What size or type of cover is needed?

Covers, especially those made by the PWC manufacturer like Sea-Doo, are meant to fit a specific craft. This is done to make sure the cover stays tightly on the craft. As such, one size fits all variants are not usually recommended. This also reduces any hassle associated with needing to measure or guess at sizing. Simply compare your watercraft model to the cover.

What are some common features of watercraft covers?

Sea-Doo cover features can vary, but most will contain a number of standard items that help make them a solid choice for your Sea-Doo watercraft.

  • Solution-dyed fabrics are easy to handle and are efficient UV blockers.
  • Strapless designs make it simple to apply and remove the cover from your craft.
  • Some models will allow partial removal or have flaps to access the mooring systems and gas cap.
  • Air vents are important, as they allow the cover to remain in place during towing.
  • Storage pouches or access to the PWC’s storage box.
What are some common cover models?

The specific model needed will generally match the craft it is going to cover. Some covers are able to be used for multiple similar sized Sea-Doo watercraft. Just check the compatibility.

How long do covers last?

Most personal watercraft covers last about three to five years. However, large rips and tears, molding, and other issues can affect a cover that requires a quicker replacement. A cover should not be used should these issues arise, as it could open the PWC to damage.

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