Power Screwdrivers

Various brands offer power screwdrivers that give you the torque you need for various difficult drilling tasks, such as installing drywall or fastening bolts and screws into place. They can come in portable, lightweight, or cordless designs so that you are able to take the power screwdriver wherever you will need it on the job site.

What types of power screwdrivers are available?

All power screwdrivers and cordless screwdrivers use battery power to screw objects into place, but some manufacturers and designs of electric screwdriver go about this differently. Exploring the different types of screwdrivers will help you find the one that fits your needs. Although there are three types of drilling tools that fall into the cordless or electric screwdriver group, keep in mind that some of these drills serve in dual capacities.

  • The cordless screwdriver is useful for light work such as driving screws into threaded holes. Some are gyroscopic cordless screwdriver kits suitable for use on various materials.
  • Cordless drills or drill drivers make up the next group. These have a drill chuck rather than the quick changer found in the screwdrivers and are useful for tightening nuts and bolts. They can also operate as a tool that is in-between the screwdriver and the impact hammer.
  • The impact hammer has the same hex bit and quick change system as the screwdriver and is great for driving either large, heavy screws or many screws throughout a job.
How do you choose an electric screwdriver?

Now that you know the three types of power screwdrivers on the market, you should familiarize yourself with some of the features for drivers. These are some of the considerations you can use when choosing the screwdriver that is right for you.

  • The volts that your screwdriver puts out will be a prime consideration. If you are using a driver to drill Drywall to attach outlets and other things, a lower voltage with lower torque will be sufficient.
  • Screwdriver/drill combos offer variable speeds with a built-in clutch. This lets you set the amount of torque you need for a given job and operate at slower than average speeds for delicate work.
  • Since you want a cordless screwdriver that is lightweight, consider the good battery power of the lithium or lithium-ion model. However, keep in mind that some cordless screwdrivers will take rechargeable batteries.
  • No matter what type of cordless, electric screwdriver you get, selecting the proper bits for the job is crucial so they will not fail after just a few uses. However, a cordless screwdriver kit will come with all the high-quality bits you need to get your tasks done.