Save Energy and Recycle Using Scrap Lead

Scrap metals are discarded metals suitable for reprocessing, and these are widely used in the manufacturing industry. Both production and consumption are increasing globally, and approximately half of it is produced from recycled scrap lead. Aside from the benefit of having the cheapest source of lead, by using scrap lead from eBay, you are helping save 65% of the energy required to mine it. 

Locations where scrap lead is found 

New and used scrap lead is available on eBay for various affordable prices. The following are common sources of scrap lead:  

  • Construction sites - Scrap lead buyers often find construction sites as one of the sources of scrap metals. When metals are sourced from these sites, they are often found in debris and leftover materials that were used in by the contractor or the construction company.
  • Shooting ranges - Lead has been traditionally favored in making bullets because of its density. That is why it can often be found from discharged shells in a public or private shooting range.
  • Medical clinics - Scrap lead sourced from hospitals or medical clinics may come from used beds, wheelchairs, fixtures, or other materials and appliances that have been thrown out.
  • Repair shops - You can also find scrap lead from solders, weights, lead cables, and lead-acid batteries that can be found in repair shops.

Requirements in the lead smelting process 

Scrap lead obtained on eBay can often be recycled. The smelting processes involved in recycling metals like lead require the use of the following:  

  • Blast furnaces - Blast furnaces produce large volumes of gas and require afterburners to burn carbon monoxide. Furthermore, they produce hazardous slag and matte; that's why more people are replacing them.
  • Rotary furnaces - These are now used as primary smelting vessels as compared to blast furnaces, since they are more versatile in nature. They can use any carbon source as a reducing agent and can accept more types of lead-bearing feed materials.
  • Lead sweat furnaces - Only small amounts of lead are being recycled using this type of furnace. Some of the materials being recycled are lead-coaled power, lead cables, and lead sheet and pipes.

Is lead extracted from batteries safe to use? 

Lead batteries are recycled all over the world, so you can be sure that when proper standard procedures are done, it is definitely safe to use and can be a source of scrap lead that you can buy on eBay. In fact, almost all parts of a lead-based battery can be recycled. The casing, which is commonly a polypropylene plastic, can be utilized and recycled as well. Also, the sulphuric acid from the batteries may be recovered and made into gypsum for use as fertilizer on farms.