Head out on the Trail With a Scott Spark Bike

Hitting the trails and bike paths can be a great way to spend a day. If you want to get to your destination faster, whether its for a race or simply because you like to feel the wind in your face, you can think about getting a Scott Spark mountain bike. These types of bicycles have been used by riders ranging from World Cup cyclists to those who love going out for a spin around the neighborhood.

What are the advantages of full suspension?

Having full suspension means that you have both front and rear shocks. This results in a softer ride as you travel over uneven ground. This can make a difference in lessening your fatigue over long distances. This is because you can ride in a more relaxed manner with a looser grip on the handlebars when you know your bike will be able to provide you with some cushion. Since the tires will have some vertical movement as they respond to the trail, theyll be able to handle the ups and downs effectively. Theyll be able to maintain more contact with the ground, providing you with more traction.

Why is carbon used in some types of bike manufacturing?

Mountain bikes could be made with different materials, such as aluminum, steel, and carbon. Carbon is known for being extremely rigid and lightweight. This combination of factors can help with speed and control. Carbon is also found in wheel systems, such as the Syncros system in which the one-piece wheel is known for being lightweight and strong.

Whats the difference between 1x and 2x drivetrains?

The main differences between these two drivetrains include:

  • 1x systems: Commonly found on mountain and cross country bikes, this designation indicates that the crankset has just one speed. There are typically 11 speeds on the corresponding cassette. 1x drivetrains are lighter and slimmer, and theres less of a chance that a chain could fall off.
  • 2x system: Two different chainrings on the crankset. There could be 10 speeds, for example, on the cassette, and 2x systems are a bit thicker and bulkier. However, they do provide some additional versatility if youre going to ride your MTB on a variety of terrain.
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