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What was the Scion?

If you’re a fan of fun styling “scionxpressionism” when it comes to your auto, then a Scion might be a great choice for you. Scion was a branch of Toyota, aiming at a more youthful market; however, with an economical price tag and roomy interiors, there’s no reason a Scion can’t be a dependable family auto as well.

What are the benefits of Choosing Scion?

  • Powerful engine: For a relatively compact body, most Scion models have a pretty zippy 200HP 4-cylinder engine. With an additional 151 pound-feet of torque, this equals a powerful motor.
  • Handling: Many Scion drivers have raved about its handling, equating it to that of a race or sports car. A stiffer suspension in addition to a lightweight chassis allow Scions to handle well on windy roads.
  • Gas mileage: Scions typically get good to great gas mileage, and for commuters this could be an especially important attribute. Manual drivers can expect 30 mpg on the highway, while automatic transmission Scions get 34 mpg or so.
  • Manual transmission: Very few car manufacturers still offer a manual option when it comes to their vehicles, while Scion offers manual transmission for all of its models.
  • Roomier than it looks: While the outside of a Scion may look compact, even tall drivers report that they feel comfortable driving a Scion, even on long trips.

Family car or no?

With an affordable MSRP and good gas mileage, you may be asking yourself whether or not the Scion is a good idea for a family car. The best way to answer is to divide Scion models up into 2 and 4-door models. The following Scion models are 2-door models, and are smaller, great for commuters:

  • Scion FR-S
  • Scion tC

These Scion models have four doors and easily seat five, with room for a car seat:

  • Scion iA
  • Scion iM
  • Scion xB

What Is the history of Scion?

  • Toyota first began manufacturing Scion cars in 2002 to appeal to a more youthful market. With punchy stereo systems and clean, sleek lines, Scion cars became a fast favorite in US markets. With a five-door subcompact and a model that emulates a Smart Car (the iQ microcar), Scion cars could appeal to everyone, from youthful markets to families.

Where is Scion today?

  • As of 2016, Toyota decided to discontinue the Scion line of cars. However, the models are still available, with rebranding as Toyota cars (the Yaris iA and Corolla iM, among others). Scion had a car in the designing stages, the C-HR, which is now available as a Toyota vehicle.