What Kind of Pads Should You Use to Clean Vintage Glass Apothecary, Science, and Medicine Bottles?

Clean vintage glass bottles and other containers with a non-abrasive pad. Copper wool pads clean effectively and do not scratch glass. Just ensure that the pads are made of real copper and not a copper-plated or copper-colored metal of another type. For the insides of bottles, soft-bristled brushes are ideal. Never use coarse steel wool, as this scratches the glass. There are also many household synthetic scouring pads that can scratch glass, so be cautious when choosing a pad other than copper.

Is It Possible to Get New Prescription Lenses Installed in Vintage or Antique Eyeglass Frames?

Yes. Most opticians are capable of installing new prescription lenses in a sturdy pair of vintage or antique frames as long as the frames are in solid condition. Smaller, privately owned sellers are often more amenable to the task than larger chains. Internet-based services allow you to send the frames by mail, and the seller sends them back with new lenses installed.

Can You Still Use Antique Science Equipment in a Modern Lab?

Laboratory workers depend on their equipment providing utmost accuracy and dependability. Vintage and antique equipment may be worn, dirty, or otherwise unfit for use in modern research. Some equipment may also be obsolete or no longer accurate enough for the measurements that modern labs demand. Collectors still seek these pieces for decorative purposes. Simple tools, such as magnifying glasses or thermometers, are also more likely to have survived in fully functioning condition.