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Finding the Right Vintage Schwinn Replacement Parts on eBay

Whether you are restoring a vintage Schwinn bike or are just looking to upgrade the one you have, eBay offers a wealth of vintage Schwinn parts. Here's how to select the right parts for your bike.

How do you ensure compatibility when shopping for frame upgrades?

Frame upgrades are an excellent way to replace a rusted-out part of a frame. For instance, new old stock Schwinn forks are a fairly easy way to do so. A frame upgrade also can improve your bike fit. If you find yourself stretching to reach the handlebars, a shorter stem may be in order.

However, when buying Schwinn vintage parts, especially for different models of Schwinn bikes, compatibility is a concern. If the listing doesn't offer detailed measurements, be sure to consult manufacturer information.

Wheel upgrades: assessing available options

Of the available vintage Schwinn bicycle parts, wheels are among the easiest to replace. This is also an easy way to make your bike stand out. Schwinn offers rims in several bright, metallic colors, including blue and gold. These wheels also can be used on non-Schwinn bikes, just be sure that the wheel size is compatible with your frame.

Smaller original Schwinn parts: upgrades for any bike

While major upgrades like wheels and frame pieces certainly make a difference, original Schwinn parts in the form of accessories can make a significant difference in your bike's appearance and comfort. Here are some of the smaller accessories and parts to choose from:

  • Saddles - Schwinn saddles range from the wide, cushioned seats many have come to love to the sleek, vintage leather saddles. Selecting a comfortable one can make a significant difference in your ride.
  • Grips - Vintage grips have the potential to add a good amount of character to any bike, and those with enough cushion can help alleviate hand fatigue on long rides.
  • Cranksets - In many older bikes, corrosion on the derailleur makes a smooth ride difficult. Replacing the entire crankset goes a long way toward improving your bike.
  • Fenders - One of the things that sets apart vintage makes like the Schwinn Stingray is the chrome fender. Since these tend to wear out on very old bikes, replacement fenders are a quick way to make a restoration bike look new.
  • Pedals - From bow-style to block-style, pedals abound in eBay's selection of vintage Schwinn parts. You can select your preferred style and easily add them to just about any bike.
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