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Watch More with Sceptre 50-inch to 60-inch Televisions

Sceptre is an American TV manufacturer. You will find its headquarters in Southern California. The company makes LCD and LED TVs.

Which screen resolutions do Sceptre LED television sets support?

Resolution is an important number to look at when selecting your next TV. The figure defines the number of pixels that make up the image you see on the screen. As a general rule of thumb, look for more. Some TV resolutions may include:

  • 720p: On the low end are 720p models with about a million overall pixels.
  • 1080p: A model of this kind supports full HD. It lets you watch the HD channels that your service package includes. This resolution may be considered for a home theater or entertainment setup.
  • 2160p: Sceptre and other manufacturers also refer to this technology as 4K. These models support ultra HD programming, which results in a clearer picture.
Is there a difference between LCD and LED TV sets?

Any Sceptre LCD TV is also an LED model. LED technology is used to provide a broad range of backlighting options for the LCD setup. Consider choosing full-array backlighting with local dimming. This technology enables the selective darkening of certain portions of the screen, typically those that feature black. When you watch movies with night scenes or play video games that feature darker surroundings, local dimming ensures good picture quality and crisp image displays.

What is a curved-screen TV?

Sceptre is one of the manufacturers that makes curved-screen televisions. For the enjoyment of HDTV and video gaming, the slight curvature can help with immersion. The picture comes toward you on either end of the panel. Doing so affects your peripheral vision that, when combined with proper surround sound, may lead to a more lifelike experience of the action. Sceptre makes 55-inch curved-panel models with 2160p resolution.

What does a mobile high-definition link do?

Some Sceptre HDTV models feature mobile high-definition link (MHL) technology. It benefits people who like to connect a tablet or smartphone to the television. It only works with HDTV technology. As such, you can also use this Sceptre technology to hook up other gadgets. One might include an audio receiver. When you connect a smartphone to your TV, you can play mobile games that go on without lag time. It is an option for avid gamers who take their gameplay on the road but want to play at home, too.

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