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Important Consideration During Your Search for Saudi Arabia Stamps

Saudi Arabia stamps value is based on a variety of factors including its date of production, size, and color. Whether you're a beginning collector or experienced stamp expert, you'll want to consider the following points when you're sifting through Saudi Arabia stamps for sale.

How many stamps do you get at once?

Depending on what suits your needs, you can purchase expensive stamps in collections, books, and slips. You may even opt to select an individual reasonably priced stamp. a purchase may be made a variety of ways, and you may want to look online to investigate eBay Saudi Arabia mobile and epay ksa

What conditions can you buy stamps in?

When searching for the most appropriate stamps, you'll want to consider its condition before investing. If you already know which stamps you want to purchase, don't forget the importance of the stamp condition. This will ultimately have a significant impact on its overall value. The main condition types you'll want to pay attention to are listed below:

  • MNH - Mint never hinged means the stamp is in its original condition and has never been used for display or any other means.
  • MNG - Mint no gum refers to the original state of a stamp; however, this also indicates the specific stamp was not produced with gum on the back.
  • Lightly hinged - This indicates that the stamp has been used lightly for display.
  • Mint hinged - This means that the stamp is in its original form and has been hinged for display purposes.
  • Hinge remaining - Whatever was used for display purposes of the stamp is still present.
  • Original gum - The gum on the back of the stamp is still present from the original production.
  • No gum - The gum on the back of the stamp is either no longer present or wasn't present at production of the stamp.
What types of Saudi Arabia stamps are there?

Types of Saudi Arabia stamps vary depending on their intended purpose. The following is a list of Saudi Arabia stamp types that you'll want to keep in mind:

  • Postal card - This stamp is the appropriate size and intended for a postal card.
  • Error - These stamps are unique in that there was an error when they were printed. They were either printed in the wrong color or size.
  • Air mail - These stamps were created to pay additional airmail fees.
  • Postage due - These were printed during a specific time period and are a highly sought-after rare stamp.
  • Cover - This type of stamp is affixed on an envelope or similar item.
  • Fiscal - This is and has been used to signify the collection of a financial obligation; this could mean taxes or fees.
  • First-day cover - This is a stamp that's been used for postage and is on the envelope that is dated to match the same day the stamp was released from the post office.
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