Indian Sarees for Classic Comfort and Beauty

Indian sarees, also spelled saris, are known and beloved around the world for their simple, elegant design, classic cultural style, and soft, silky comfort. When searching on eBay for affordable saris to buy, you have a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials to choose from as well as sizes to suit virtually any body type.

The types of saris available

Indian saris come in several different styles and types to suit almost any taste. The type of saree you choose to buy may depend on whether you prefer a more classic, traditional look or a more contemporary fashion. It may also depend on practical issues, such as cost and comfort. Even on a budget, however, you can still find many gorgeous used designer sarees for sale.

  • Georgette sarees - These are made of silk with tightly twisted yarn and are extremely lightweight.
  • Lehenga saris - For a more contemporary saree, these blend traditional and contemporary styles. Also a convenient style, rather than forming pleats to wear it, you can simply tuck it in and drape it around you.
  • Banarasi saris - These come from Varanasi, India, and are considered the finest of saris. They are made of fine silk and feature silver and gold thread.
  • Dupatta saris - These are like scarves but much longer and are often worn like sarees by draping them over the shoulder.
  • Saree clothing - In addition to saris worn by themselves, you can also find saree blouses to wear beneath sarees and saree petticoats to wear over them.
Are there different styles of saris available on eBay?

Within all the different types of sarees available are versions of the same basic saree styles. Depending on the activity you are planning on doing while wearing one, such as everyday household wear or attending a special event, you may choose a different type. Therefore, which style of eBay Indian saree you choose may depend on issues of practicality and fashion. Among the most common and popular styles of eBay sarees and eBay sarees combos are the following:

  • Abayas and burqas - These are classic loose-fitting robes worn traditionally by Muslim women.
  • Kurtas - These are long collarless shirts that fit loosely.
  • Choli - These are saree blouses often worn beneath a standard saree.
  • Lehenga - These are long saree skirts often decorated elaborately with embroidery, mirrors, beads, and other ornaments.
Materials of sarees available

The saree material you choose to buy and wear is influenced by a variety of factors, including how and where you plan to wear it, whether you want something lightweight or slightly warmer, the style you're looking for, and how much money you're looking to spend. You can find eBay saris made from a wide array of material, including the following:

  • 100% silk or silk blend
  • Chiffon
  • 100% cotton
  • Satin
  • Polyester or rayon